Miki Palchick is a ceramic artist, gardener, and food educator based in Philadelphia, with roots in the Midwest.  She has been making pottery since childhood, and this skill allows her to create vessels for preparing and serving food to people she loves. By growing food and working in clay, Miki strengthens her connection to the ground and celebrates its gifts at a time when people’s relationship to land is constantly challenged. She believes that producing food and making the objects we use in our daily lives are powerful strategies for building healthy sovereign communities.  For Miki, both gardening and ceramics are meditative practices that remind her to slow down, allow her to reintegrate creation into consumption, and inspire her to craft beautiful everyday environments that she hopes can become spaces for collective healing. 

As a woman and a gardener, she has learned to question perfection, to reject uniformity, to love nature’s bumps, inconsistencies, and surprises.  As a potter she is moving her pieces beyond the centrifugal force of the wheel, altering each to reflect the silhouettes she finds emerging from the earth and water.  Like vegetables grown in an organic garden from seed collected at the end of each season and handed down through generations, her ceramics are not perfectly symmetrical, or smooth.  She experiments with earth-hued glazes that interact with surface textures and the dynamic atmosphere of the kiln.  The results are unpredictable, each work a decision to let go of the impulse to control the outcome.

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Instagram: @claykitchenstudio